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01. Research

With over 30 years of combined experience in the clothing sector and touchpoints across trading, manufacturing, design and logistics, Westerlund has a bird’s eye view of data and people across the entire garment ecosystem.

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02. Design

Our team has extensive design experience having created innovative products, prototypes and campaigns to Fortune 50 Companies, A-List Celebrities and a variety of global brands.

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03. Develop

We ensure fast and reliable sample development and delivery so that your idea and designs are bought into fruition faster than industry standards.

Supply Chains for the Future

Whether you’re just starting or well-established, consider Westerlund as your partner for success. Our services, from designing and reviewing another a product design to custom markings for clothing brands, our dedication to perfection guarantees your attire is of the most astounding quality.

Design Development

Our team of skilled designers have worked with Fortune 500 companies and globally recognized brands and are here to work with you.

Product Development

All inclusive package from design to finished, production-ready samples to full scale manufacturing and logistics.

Fabric Sourcing

We offer consultation and custom fabric manufacturing from the most reputable and prestigious fabric manufacturers.